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Everyone has heard the expression ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression.’ I think we can all agree this is true in most aspects of your business. Did you realize there are many areas that this applies to in your new company? Many people think it only applies to their website that people access when they learn of your company. There are many areas that also give you the opportunity to put your best foot forward. You can have a beautiful website that amazes people but when they buy that first product and it arrives on their doorstep, this is the next first impression for your company. You need to have professional looking packaging and product appearance. How would you feel about a company that sent you your new order only to see the label glued n crooked by hand in a cheap looking bottle? Next time you walk through the makeup or perfume section of a store, take a minute to check out the packaging these products are presented in. Hundreds of hours go into the design of the package because it also sends a message about the brand. If the product looks cheap then people won’t justify the money they spend on your products and there’s a good chance they will not order again.

Your company communications are the next area you get to make a first impression. When those newsletters and emails are sent out, you need to make sure the format is professional looking, your logo is properly placed on the template and the spelling and grammar are perfect every time. Companies that send out materials or post on their social media sites with misspelled words, bad grammar and broken links send the message that they are not run by professional people. How many times have you met someone who was well dressed and mannered but when you get that first email message the grammar is bad and their spelling is incorrect. You suddenly start to think that they are not as professional as you thought. It is worth the investment to use a copywriter to ensure your printed materials and newsletters are perfect every time.

There are other areas that you can also make a positive first impression such as your social media pages, member kits, and marketing materials. Consider all of these things when you are planning for the launch of your business. The first impression saying rings true today just as it did 60 years ago. Just remember that you have multiple aspects of your business that allow you to make that impression.

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