My name is Steve Mommaerts. I have been working with Multisoft Corporation for the past 14 years and currently the Managing Director for our Operations in Asia. Myself and my team have helped literally thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself start their own direct sales company over that time with countless going on to become very large success stories. It is this experience I would like to share with you in my blog series to help you realize your dreams of becoming your own boss and running a successful direct sales company. Allow my experience to be your guide to success.

Owning your own online business is exciting and takes a lot of hard work to get everything just right so you can open the doors. You find just the right product or service for your market, build an amazing website presence, develop a generous compensation plan and have your shopping cart ready to go. You are now ready to open the doors and start making money. Most young companies forget about one of the most important things, how are you going to take payment? This is the next most important aspect of the business once you have the shopping cart ready. Your members need an easy way to pay for your products. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to start the process of getting a credit card merchant account and you cant depend on Paypal. They have rules against working with network marketing companies.  Now what?

You need to have the right banking relationships in order to grow your business. Most banks won’t work with new online businesses without a track record and when you add in the network marketing aspect you are left with limited options. There are processing companies that will work with you, you just need to find them and follow the process to apply. You should also consider the new alternative payment mechanisms gaining traction in the market such as Apple Pay, Google Cash and even the new digital currency option such as bitcoin. I know it is all very confusing and hard to figure out which is why you need to consult with people who have experience working with the various options available today. The more options you provide to your customer, the better the chance of capturing that sale. Here are the key payment options I would consider if I had to open a company today; Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Bitcoin. You could also try to add AMEX, JCB and Wechat pay to give even greater flexibility.

Where do you get these options you must be asking. You can look to companies such as Stripe for credit card processing, for digital currency and Expay Asia for UnionPay and Wechat. There are other options you can also explore but these give you a start. Through my relationships, I can also refer you to some other processing companies who will work with new companies wanting to get established. It is important to address the need to accept payments right from the beginning. I hope you take the time to start your application process sooner rather than later.

Please contact me for a personalized conference on your business and we can roadmap the steps to your success. I would appreciate if you would share my insights with other people in your contacts who may find this information helpful. Please check back for the next installment of my successful business principles blog.

Make it a successful day.

Yours truly,

Steve Mommaerts

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