Best MLM Consultant Asia 

Hello, my name is Steve and I’ve lived in Asia permanently since 2009.

I love Asia and I love the challenge of consulting and helping my clients realize their network marketing dreams and goals.  I am happy that so many people have now become valued friends.

Our dedication to prioritizing long-term relationships before asking for a sale has enabled us to become very successful, and as a result, our team has grown.

We now a substantial presence in SE Asia, along with our parent offices in Las Vegas and Florida USA.

My team is ready and standing by to serve you 24/7, proudly.

Steve Mommaerts

MLM Consultant Asia

You would think that the best MLM consultant Asia would be the one with the most MLM experience, right?

You are absolutely correct and with over 33 years of experience in the MLM software industry as MLM software vendors to HUNDREDS and hundreds of customers we are able to analyze Compensation plans and website designs better than most.

I’ve got the knowledge and the experience to help you become the next “Rock Star” in this highly competitive industry, and I can prove it by rolling up my sleeves and getting to work with you on your new or existing enterprise today!

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P.S. I have included 3 FREE Gifts, see below.

The MLM Decision Magazine

An absolute must!  Be informed… read this magazine before starting your new MLM Company.

“You cannot make an informed decision without having all the facts!”

14 Technical MLM Software Questions

If you don’t ask these 14 MLM Software Technical Questions, your inexperienced programmers will most likely fail you! 

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The Compensation Plan Primer

Understanding the various compensation plans, bonuses, and commissions as well as what each is intended for is integral to your ability to design a plan that will work well for your company and meet its needs.

“The Compensation Plan Primer” is your definitive resource for learning about compensation plans as they relate to MLM.

25 Reasons To Start Your New MLM Company

Here are 25 really good reasons you absolutely SHOULD start your new MLM company.  You can even start as a home-based business! 

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14 Reasons To Consider Upgrading Your MLM Software Provider Now!

Here are 25 really good reasons you absolutely SHOULD start your new MLM company.  You can even start a Network Marketing company as a home-based business! 

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Free Half Day of MLM Consulting

My “Half-Day FREE MLM Workshop” is not about my own self-edification; it’s about ensuring that you gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in a highly competitive industry.

You are going to absolutely love your own private, FREE, Half-Day MLM Workshop!

11+ YEARS IN ASIA (33+ Globally)


FREE MLM Workshop

world class corporate training 

FREE MLM Workshops – Thailand – Philippines – Singapore


  • Over 33 years in the industry.
  • Flat rates and firm quotes.
  • Global locations to serve you.
  • Real people 24/7.


Our most valued asset are our relationships.  Before all else, we strive to become your Strategic Partner.  You’ll never be merely a paying “Customer” to us.


We cordially invite you to visit us to review what people have to say about us and get to know our team, the beverages are on us… see you soon.

Hear from our clients


Our team of professionals often perform complete “facelifts” on the image and missions of MLM companies, enabling them to positively stand out in the highly competitive network marketing industry.

Continuing on this tradition of excellence, we provide business forms, graphics, legal issues, referrals, company “roll-out”, “pre-launch”, “fast-start” programs, compensation plan design, and international expansion, distributor training, and much more.


“Their team has gone above and beyond in making sure that we are set up correctly, and they quickly give feedback and answers to any questions that we have.”

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"I would recommend MultiSoft to anyone"

“I just want to say he did an awesome job on this custom program for me. He has been so helpful and keeping me updated on the progress.

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"Great service and very helpful people!"

“Now that we have started promoting the company, really in the last two weeks, and we are seeing people put in the genealogy, I realize more even now how grateful I am for you all. All of those hard-working programmers that I don’t know their names need to be congratulated too. Please forward this to them!”

Colleen S.

In my 40 plus years as an industry professional, I have dealt with a lot of software development companies. In my opinion, Robert Proctor and his team at MultiSoft are the best. They have the industry knowledge, the software framework and the skill sets that every new startup company needs in order to have a successful launch and ongoing support. If you are looking for a software company that can fill your needs, MultiSoft is the one! I highly recommend them!

Jim B.

“I have been extremely satisfied with the level of excellent service we receive on a daily basis from MultiSoft.  They are professional, they deliver on time performance and are one of the top companies in the industry. 

Most importantly to me, is that I can trust them 100% with my business.”

Randy M.

The Sheffield Group is the leading direct sales consulting firm having served nearly 1,000 client companies over the last 30 years.

We have a number of our clients that have selected MultiSoft as their software provider. While we have worked with multiple software companies over the years, MultiSoft has demonstrated a level of professionalism for our clients that is exceptional.

Mike Sheffield
The Sheffield Group

“We are so happy in working with you and your associates, your experience and mentoring has been wonderful for us. As we move forward we know for a fact that you and your associates will have our back, with a wealth of experience that came about over so many years in helping companies like ours.”

Raul P.

During the last several years, we have come to recognize MultiSoft as a superb partner in the area of technology solutions.

As a legal advisor to many major direct selling companies, we have applauded their commitment and service to our clients.

Jeffrey Babener
Legal counsel to leading direct selling companies in the U.S. and internationally

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